July 19, 2012

How to Cook Chestnuts on the Stove

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Snow, presents, yuletide logs, Christmas trees and Christmas carols never fail to surround us with that cheerful holiday spirit. Another thing that never fails to remind me of Christmas is a fresh bowl of roasted chestnuts. The delicious taste and enticing aroma of roasted chestnuts even up until today immediately brings me back to my childhood where each Christmas was spent with the entire family and roasted chestnuts were a “staple snack” during the very jolly December holiday. Although technically roasting chestnuts require you to use a grill but in this day and age, a stove is sufficient.

The first step in roasting the chestnuts is to turn on the fire on the stove and to set it to a low flame. This is to make sure the chestnuts are cooked properly without directly burning them. Before cooking them, poke the flat underside of the nuts with a fork to enable the steam to escape because this prevents the chestnuts from exploding! Since we’re going to roast the chestnuts on the stove, the chestnuts are placed in a long handle pan. Throughout the time the chestnuts are being cooked on the fire, sprinkle some water on them to ensure they do not completely dry out.

Roasting chestnuts on the stove

Leave the chestnuts to roast for about fifteen to twenty minutes, while they’re still cooking, remember to stir them around to ensure each chestnut is equally cooked, preventing them from burning. Once they’re done cooking, switch the oven off and allow them to cool for about five to ten minutes. After the cooling period, the chestnuts are ready to be cracked open and eaten. You can add salt and sugar according to the wishes of your taste buds to make sure these delectable fruits are enjoyed at its best. What easy steps for such a delicious treat!

Another way on how to cook chestnuts on the stove is to boil them in a pot. Add a little salt to the water while the chestnuts are inside the pot and wait for them to boil. Once the water starts to boil, turn the oven off and drain the chestnuts and allow them to cool down. Once they’re cool enough, peel the skin off because the skin would be easier to peel now they’ve been cooked. The boiled chestnuts can be eaten alone or with a garnish. They are also used as stuffing for turkeys during Thanksgiving and other occasions.

Chestnuts are not necessarily eaten only during Christmas or Thanksgiving but on normal days as well. They’re delicious and there’s no denying that. No wonder they wrote a Christmas song in dedication to these delicious little fruits!

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July 30, 2011

Teach Kids to Budget

Teaching kids to budget is not difficult. Kids should be involved in family decisions about money from an early age. Even a simple act such as deciding how much to spend on snacks in a given week can be an important teaching point for a child.

When kids understand how quickly money can disappear, if it is mishandled, they will be more careful with it.

Older kids can be taught to use software to help them develop their own budget.

Teaching kids these personal budgeting tips will help you and your kids to save money. Teaching your kids to budget is one of the most important financial skills you will ever share with them.

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