August 27, 2011

Who is Affected by the Greek Debt Crisis?

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The Greek debt crisis has affected more nations thanGreece. How Eurozone leaders continue to deal with the crisis has far-raching implications not only forGreece, but for many other countries in the Eurozone.


Several banks in the zone have been severely affected by the developments. Commerzbank, based in Germany, has had to write down its Greek debt, which amounted to 760-m euro. This all but eliminated any profits the bank made for the second quarter.


There seem to be only a few options for dealing effectively with the Greek debt crisis. There was a Eurozone leaders meeting recently to discuss these options.

Is the Future Looking Brighter for British Grocers?

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British grocers sell a number of goods overseas, in countries such as theUnited States. Their food stuff includes shortbread, jams and jellies, gravy, tea, crisps and marmalade. Their profits during the recent recession had fallen, as consumers in several countries that receive British exports cut back on spending.


In addition, supermarkets, wholesales and other food retailers and wholesalers saw their sales at home inBritaincut.

Morrison’s was one of several British grocers that recently experienced an encouraging increase in profits.

July 30, 2011

Marine Piracy: Somali Piracy

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Marine piracy has been in the news more often in recent years. As the economic situation in several countries has changed, attacks on ships and crew by armed men in fast-moving boats have increased.

Modern piracy is committed by a number of groups, but the nation that receives the most blame for piracy at sea isSomalia. Attacks occur frequently off the long eastern Somali coastline.

Modern piracy at sea reports show that shipping companies suffer huge losses each month because of piracy. Fishermen and small traders also suffer significant losses, but these are less likely to be reported.

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