July 30, 2011

Motorcycle Riders: Distance Bikes

While long distance motorcycle riders are regarded by some as artists, there is also a science to enduring long distances on a motor bike. Long distance motorcycle riders usually aim to cover about 1,000 miles in a day. Experience helps you to become a better motor bike rider.

Long distance motorcycle riders, choose long distance bikes, which make the journey easier. The ideal bike is dependable and one of the best is the Harley Davidson Road King. Of course, personal preference will dictate what you feel comfortable riding. Honda and Suzuki also build good bikes.


Marine Piracy: Somali Piracy

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Marine piracy has been in the news more often in recent years. As the economic situation in several countries has changed, attacks on ships and crew by armed men in fast-moving boats have increased.

Modern piracy is committed by a number of groups, but the nation that receives the most blame for piracy at sea isSomalia. Attacks occur frequently off the long eastern Somali coastline.

Modern piracy at sea reports show that shipping companies suffer huge losses each month because of piracy. Fishermen and small traders also suffer significant losses, but these are less likely to be reported.

Teach Kids to Budget

Teaching kids to budget is not difficult. Kids should be involved in family decisions about money from an early age. Even a simple act such as deciding how much to spend on snacks in a given week can be an important teaching point for a child.

When kids understand how quickly money can disappear, if it is mishandled, they will be more careful with it.

Older kids can be taught to use software to help them develop their own budget.

Teaching kids these personal budgeting tips will help you and your kids to save money. Teaching your kids to budget is one of the most important financial skills you will ever share with them.

Enjoy Healthy Bean Sprouts

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Bean sprouts are a healthy alternative to some of the other ingredients available in the kitchen. Bean sprouts can be substituted for meat in a number of recipes. They are crunchy and have a mild flavor.

Bean sprouts supply Vitamin A and Vitamin B to the body. They are used in bean sprouts recipe ideas such as stir fry. They are also enjoyed in soups and salads.

Bean sprouts are also rich in minerals such as potassium and calcium.

Stupas and the Remains of the Buddha

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The Buddha is an important figure in Indian culture, and Buddhism is often regarded as one ofIndia’s greatest exports.


The teachings of the Buddha on moral and ethical behavior and the way to achieve enlightenment have aroused interest among different groups in many parts of the world. Images of the Buddha are prevalent in Indian art and Japanese art.

When the Buddha died, he was cremated and his ashes were placed in mounds known as stupas. Originally, there were only eight stupas, however later on, one ofIndia’s kings decided that the Buhha’s ashes should be distributed in other parts of the country. That king was Ashoka.


Buddhist pilgrims often visit the stupas in order to be near the energy that they believe is emanated from them.

July 4, 2011

Delicious Caribbean Desserts

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Have you ever had a Caribbean dessert?

Sweets and pastries come in many forms, as unique as the country and culture from which they originate.Caribbean desserts are known for carrying the distinctive taste of the Caribbean to restaurants and homes around the world.

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